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Pilot Project Awardees

Year 2 Pilot Project Awardees

Aaron Gottlieb, PhD and Robert Wilson, PhD
The Effect of Police Contact on Hopelessness and Educational Outcomes of Urban Youth

Sarah Abboud, PhD
Toward the development of a community-based and youth-focused sexual violence prevention intervention for Sexual and Gender Minorities (SGM) in underserved Arab Communities in Chicago

Amber Hathcock, PhD
Reaching Out of the System: HIV Care Where You Are

Year 1 Pilot Project Awardees

Dr. Uchechi Mitchell
“Holding on to Hope: An Analysis of Structural Risk Factors and Resilience Facilitators among a Racial Diverse Population of Older Adults” 

Dr. Mary Dawn Koenig
“Mitigating the effects of structural violence on maternal iron status: a randomized controlled pilot study of probiotic supplementation in at-risk pregnant Black women.” 

Dr. Anne Elizabeth Glassgow
“The Effect of Neighborhood Disorganization on Engagement in Health Care, Mental Health, and School Attendance of Children with Chronic Health Conditions”

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